Elevating Black Pregnant Voices for Self-Advocacy

  • Dr. Tiffany Wicks, Ed.D, MS
Keywords: maternal mortality, racism, self-advocacy, childbirth education


Black women have the highest rate of maternal mortality in the United States. Racism, access to health care, lack of quality health care providers, and lack of childbirth and advocacy education are contributors to maternal mortality.  Childbirth education can prepare pregnant women and advocacy education can help patients understand their rights .This study explores the experiences and impact for Black pregnant women after attending a childbirth and advocacy education course. The findings indicate that when Black pregnant women know their rights, confidence to advocate for birth is increased, and support teams can help ensure rights are respected in birth.

Author Biography

Dr. Tiffany Wicks, Ed.D, MS

Dr. Tiffany Wicks is a licensed professional counselor, owning multiple private therapy practices across the nation. She has worked in many counseling settings before starting a private practice for birthing people in the perinatal period. Tiffany is passionate about the issue of equity, and is committed to making mental health accessible, affordable, and inclusive for the community. Tiffany received her Doctorate of Education at Johns Hopkins University. She is the editor-in-chief for Elevating Voices for Equity. She lives with her family in Texas. 

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