Pregnant and Parenting Teens: Overcoming Stigma Through Culturally Competent Counseling

  • Courtney P. Joaquin Caldwell University
Keywords: Pregnant Teen, Parenting Teens, Stigma, Risk Factors, Protective Factors


Pregnant and parenting teens find themselves struggling with the same social and educational factors that non-parenting teens go through except with the added challenge of taking care of an infant. A variety of risk factors have been contributed to teen pregnancy and motherhood, such as The Intergenerational Effect, demographic factors, history of abuse, and stigma created by Teen Mom reality television. While there are factors that hinder help seeking, research has emphasized the importance of affordable and accessible mental health care for pregnant and parenting teens. By discussing the protective factors present, pregnant and parenting teens can transition to motherhood.

Author Biography

Courtney P. Joaquin, Caldwell University

Courtney Paige Joaquin is a recent graduate from Caldwell University’s Psychology undergraduate program and is currently working on receiving her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Caldwell University’s dual degree program has allowed for Courtney to get an early introduction to important skills and concepts in counseling, most importantly she learned the importance of being a culturally competent counselor. 

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