Issues in Equity Regarding Barriers to Counseling

  • Dr. Tiffany Wicks, Ed.D
  • Taylor Gencarelli
  • Richard Maya
Keywords: mental health, counseling, barriers, inclusion


The history of mental health and the history of hierarchy between therapist and client began the barriers in mental health care. Stigma of mental health issues poses an obstacle for those wanting to receive treatment. Issues in equity such as transportation, insurance, and therapist demographics keep middle and lower class community members from accessing affordable services. However, clinician considerations of these issues and cultural considerations can change the systemic inequities of the mental health system. 

Author Biographies

Dr. Tiffany Wicks, Ed.D

Dr. Tiffany Wicks is a licensed professional counselor, owning multiple private therapy practices across the nation. She has worked in many counseling settings before starting a private practice for birthing people in the perinatal period. Tiffany is passionate about the issue of equity, and is committed to making mental health accessible, affordable, and inclusive for the community. Tiffany received her Doctorate of Education at Johns Hopkins University. She is the editor-in-chief for Elevating Voices for Equity. She lives with her family in Texas. 

Taylor Gencarelli

Taylor Gencarelli is a current graduate student in Caldwell University’s clinical mental health counseling program who is hopeful to achieve an LAC/LPC upon graduation. Taylor also attended Towson University for her undergraduate studies, achieving a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her interests have always been in helping the people around her and within the community. She is certified in suicide prevention and first aid and hopes to work with those struggling with mental illness someday.

Richard Maya

Richard is currently a graduate student at Caldwell University in the counseling program working towards his LPC licensure. Richard attended Fairleigh Dickinson University for his undergraduate degree in psychology and has worked for organizations like the Madison YMCA, DCP&P, & SERV Behavioral Health. In his free time he likes to invest in understanding business & marketing as viable avenues for prospering in today’s digital economy. His interests include: weightlifting in the gym, reading books, creating blogs, web development, hikes, & having meaningful conversations with friends.

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