About the Journal

Elevating Voices for Equity started as an intervention to the problem of inequity for independent researchers and scholars. Although academic work takes time, and those with terminal degrees work hard for their titles, scholarly journals often discriminate among who can be accepted for submitting work. In addition, many journals require exhorbitant fees upon acceptance to be published. This creates a divide in hard-working, qualified experts in their field, and those who can pay and are affiliated with a university. This journal focuses on the topic of equity and is also rooted in equitable practices. There are no exclusions for submissions with regard to credentials, and the fee upon acceptance is meant to be affordable and reasonable to keep the journal running. This journal is open access, meaning the public will be able to read your work for free, creating a space for those who want to know how to make changes for equity to have access to research that points them in the right direction. We hope your voice and the voices of those highlighted in your work can find a home here with EVE.